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EVA Interlayer Film

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EVA Interlayer Film

Energy Saving Interlayer Film is used for adhering between the glass.
The film includs UV absorber, IR absorber, weatherability stabilizer which has the features of high level of anti-heat, transmittance and avoid explosion.

VLT UV Rejection Stickiness
>90% <1% 100N/cm
Curing Type Heat Resistance Weatherability
Thermosetting >180°C Strong
>90% VLT Energy Saving Interlayer Film (Thermoplastic) - EVA. Energy Saving Interlayer Film: EVA (Thermosetting)
Energy Saving Interlayer Film: EVA


  >90% VLT Energy Saving Interlayer Film (Thermoplastic) - EVA. Interlayer Glass Structure
Interlayer Glass Structure



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