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Creative-Shades Industrial Co., Ltd.

Creative-Shades Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987 as a trading company in the beginning. Years later, started to manufacture as well. We focused on the technology innovation in Taiwan and already applied for more than hundreds patents. The major selling areas are focused on US, Japan, Germany, France, Australia etc.

Static cling window film is Creative-Shades' main product. Static cling film is the latest car window tint.
Static cling window film is slightly thicker than normal car window tint and stays on the window by static cling effect instead of glue.
● The  benefits of Creative-Shades static cling window film:
- Easy to use: Static cling window film is not glued and easy to install and remove at anytime without residue, saving cost on tint jobs.
- Reusable: The biggest difference between static cling window film and ordinary car window tint is that static cling window film is reusable. If it's dirty, just clean it with water and use it again.
  You can also put it away when you're not using it.
- Reduce glare and reflection: In sunny and snowy days, the blinding sunlight can cause serious traffic accidents. With static cling window film, the glare can be effectively reduced, keeping your ride safe.
● Creative-Shades static cling window film can be categorized in different ways:
There are static cling window films for cars and for buildings. There are also jumbo rolls for wholesale and DIY packages for retail. We provide transparent static cling window films and perforated static cling window films, too.
● How to choose static cling window film:
To pick your ideal static cling window film, You need to know the car window tint laws and regulations in your local area, and then choose the corresonding specification.
Creative-Shades provides a veriety of color, UV rejection, and IR rejection for you to choose from.