Professional Static Cling Film Manufacturer

STATIC CLING WINDOW FILM / Static Cling Film DIY Packaging
Static Cling Film DIY Packaging
1. Ultra-transparency quality.
2. Glare reduction.
3. High heat insulation.
4. Material: polyvinyl chloride. Non-adhesive film.
5. Easy to install and peel off.
6. It can be used on your original tint as a second layer.
7. Reusable: It can be removed, fold and storage, and apply again.
8. Washable.

Professional manufacturer of Static Cling Film, and DIY Packaging

More than 35 years of experience in the OEM service.

DIY Packaging Specification:
Material: PVC
Thickness: 0.15 mm
VLT: 73%
UV Rejection: 100%
IR Rejection: 86%
Side Window Front: 50*45 cm (11 degrees tilted)
Side Window Rear: 50*100 cm
Front Windshield: 20*130 cm
Rear Windshield: 30*140 cm
Tools included.


Fabricante profesional de polarizada adhesiva estática y embalaje de bricolaje.
Más de 35 años de experiencia en el servicio OEM.
Especificación de embalaje de bricolaje:
Material: PVC
Espesor: 0,15 mm
TVN: 73 %
Rechazo UV: 100%
Rechazo IR: 86%
Parte delantera de la ventana lateral: 50*45 cm (11 grados inclinados)
Ventana lateral trasera: 50*100 cm
Parabrisas delantero: 20*130 cm
Parabrisas trasero: 30*140 cm
Herramientas incluidas.