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Car Window Sunshade
Car Window Sunshade's multilayer 3D honeycomb structure blocks heat 3.5 times better than normal sunshades, preventing the sun from baking the car. It's also 1.5 times thicker than normal ones. It's easy to use and store with foldable steel frame. Patterned suction cups are durable and long lasting.
Car Window Sunshade Specification: 
Car Window Sunshade Deodorizing TiO2 photocatalysis: Made in Japan, Processed in Taiwan
● Car Window Sunshade Material: Polyester, steel wire ring
● Car Window Sunshade Size: Small, Medium, Side Window, Large
● Car Window Sunshade Packaging: Insert card & Poly bag
● Car Window Sunshade Made in Taiwan

Car Window Sunshade multilayer 3D honeycomb structure: 


Car Window Sunshade Products: 
● Car Window Sunshade (Small)
● Car Window Sunshade (Medium)
● Car Window Sunshade (Side Window)

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