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Vinyl Car Wrap Film
Vinyl Car Wrap Film has a 3D look, gives your car a high end quality, maintain your car’s value, lower the frequency of paint jobs, and protects the paint from acid rain, heat, scratching, UV, and water. Vinyl Car Wrap Film is free-cutting, self-adhesive, strong adhesive, and stretchable.

Vinyl Car Wrap Film Specification: 

Vinyl Car Wrap Film Colors: Black, Silver, Hairline

● Vinyl Car Wrap Film Material: PVC

● Vinyl Car Wrap Film Thickness: 0.15mm

● Vinyl Car Wrap Film Size:  

      - Jumbo Roll: Width: 30, 60, 75, 90, 120, 152 cm; length: 30 m or above

      - DIY: 30*60 cm, 60*75 cm, 60*150 cm, 90*150 cm

      - Customizable, please contact us.

● Vinyl Car Wrap Film Package: 1 Jumbo roll/Carton, (DIY) PVC box

● Vinyl Car Wrap Film DIY optional tools: squeegee, cutter

● Vinyl Car Wrap Film Made in Taiwan


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