AUTOMOTIVE / Car Paint Protection Film

Car Paint Protection Film

Car Paint Protection Film
The best, invisible protection for your car paint.
Material: TPU
No residue
Easy installation

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Car Paint Protection Film Specification: 

 Material  TPU
 Bumpers: 15×50 cm
 Side Mirrors: 10×15 cm
 Door Edges: 1.27×75 cm
 Handle Bowls: 8×12 cm
 Content  2 pieces of film
 Optional  small squeegee, Tint-On Solution, Instruction paper
 Packaging  Blister and back card


Car Paint Protection Film Packaging: 
2 pieces/set

Car Paint Protection Film Packing Specification: 

2 pieces/set 50 sets/Carton
Meas. (mm) Meas. (cm) N.W./G.W. (kg)
210*90*48 45*37*28 3.8/4.5

* For reference only. Actual data may vary due to customer requirements.

Car Paint Protection Film Features: 

● Tough and highly stretchable material, Strong and Resilient
● Protects car paint from scratching, scuffing, chipping, and scraping
● Transparent material prevents scratches without ruining look of car
● No residue
● Easy installation
● Quality Guarantee

Car Paint Protection Film Can be Used at: 

Car Paint Protection Film Installation instructions: 

1. The film comes in one size. Please trim the film if it does not fit your car.
2. Please wash your hands before installation, and install the film in a place with no sand or wind. (pic. 1)
3. Clean the surface with a wet cloth, and keep the surface moist so the film can slide easily. (pic. 2)
4. Do not remove the liner all at once; this prevents dust and makes installation easier. (pic. 3)
5. Push the bubbles under the film outwards towards the edge with the squeegee or your finger. (pic. 4)

6. Push the bubbles out while peeling off the liner. (pic. A)

Car Paint Protection Film Images: 



Car Paint Protection Film Product Line: 

Item Size
Bumpers 15×50 cm
Side Mirrors 10×15 cm
Door Edges 1.27×75 cm
Handle Bowls
8×12 cm