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Car Window Sunshade (Side Window)

3.5 times better than normal sunshades
Size: 38*65 cm
Material: Polyester, steel wire
Package: OPP bag with insert card
Made in Taiwan

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Car Window Sunshade (Side Window) Specification: 


 Small: 36*44 cm 
 Medium: 48*56 cm 
 Large: 48*61 cm 
 Side window: 38*65 cm 
 Content:   Sunshade *2, suction cup *4 
 Material:   Polyester, steel wire 
 Package:   OPP bag with insert card
 Made in Taiwan

Car Window Sunshade (Side Window) Packaging: 

                          OPP bag with insert card

Car Window Sunshade (Side Window) Content: 

2 pieces of sunshade and 4 suction cups suction cup

Car Window Sunshade (Side Window) Product Line & Packing Specification: 

Package: OPP bag with insert card
Size (cm) Quantity Meas. (cm) N.W./G.W. (kg)
36*44 cm
2 pcs/set 5*26*28 0.14/0.17
30 sets/carton 43*50*53 5.1/6.2
48*56 cm
2 pcs/set 5*26*28 0.19/0.22
30 sets/carton 43*50*53 6.6/7.7
48*61 cm
2 pcs/set 5*26*28 0.21/0.25
30 sets/carton 41.5*50.5*60 7.7/9.2
Side window
38*65 cm
2 pcs/set 5*26*28 0.2/0.23
40 sets/carton 41.5*50.5*60 8.9/10.5

* For reference only. Actual data may vary due to customer requirements.

Car Window Sunshade (Side Window) Features: 
● 3D honeycomb structure
● High heat insulation, 3.5 times better than normal sunshade
● High privacy
● Reduces glare and UV
● Deodorizing TiO2 photocatalysis
● Easy to install and remove
● High quality Collapsible Steel Wire
● Foldable: Easy for storing

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